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Reebok approached Soho Music Group with the task of finding them an up-and-coming female artist which would help build the brand's authentic connection to music. The brand asked us to find a talent that aligns with- and reflects Reebok’s values and brand identity, but that would also offer an opportunity for the brand to help nurture the talent.

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Soho Music Group researched and presented a selection of artists, from which RAY BLK was chosen. This decision was based on her feisty and honest lyrics, expressing her passion for female empowerment and equality, which aligns with Reebok’s brand messaging.

Ray BLK x Reebok-3.jpg

Moreover, choosing Ray BLK presented the opportunity for the brand to be involved in the launch of her debut album - Reebok dressed Ray Blk for the evening and was featured in a series of her Instagram stories and in-feed posts. For this project, Soho Music Group oversaw talent research, negotiation, contracting, content planning, and post-campaign reporting. 

Ray BLK x Reebok-4.jpg

From the successes of this project Rebook have made RAY one of the female face for their Spring/Summer 2022 campaign.